The Chelsea 489 P.T.O. is another example of why Chelsea P.T.O. technology is the best in the business. It’s specifically designed to reduce mounting time. The one-piece, cast iron P.T.O. housing bolts on to the 8-Bolt transmission opening, but gives the same torque capacity as the 442 Series. That means one less part to buy, one less surface to leak, and faster installation. The 489 has strong tapered bearings instead of needle bearings for greater load bearing capability. Thirty six output options including Chelsea’s popular 360° rotatable flange. Eleven internal speed ratios and ten shift options plus a self-lube option for transmissions that have problems getting lubrication to the P.T.O. make this one versatile P.T.O. Take advantage of over 65 years of Chelsea P.T.O. technology to increase performance and lower costs.


442 Series family, but with a 8-bolt mounting flange
No adapter plate needed
Less installation time, less expense and less chance of leakage
Wide range of shifters options and pump flanges


Less chance of leakage
Reduced installation time
36 output options
10 shift options
11 speed ratios


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