Terra 35

Terra 35


Rated Line Pull: 3,500 lbs.
Motor: Sealed 1.6 HP Permanent Magnet
Gearing: 3-stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 140:1
Shipping Weight: 30.9 lbs.


Free-spooling, ergonomic control clutch
Automatic 100% Load Holding Brake
10' Sealed Hand-Held Remote
Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Superwinch Terra was designed, engineered and tested by Superwinch in the USA with the toughest trails in mind . Superwinch believed they could build a winch that walks the fine line of incredible value and incredible performance. The result is Terra, one amazing winch.
ATV's best winch motor
The heavy duty permanent magnet motor includes larger diameter wire within the winding (nearly twice as thick as the competition) and sealed bearings at both ends of the motor (the competition only uses one bearing and a cheap bushing on the opposite end). The highest horsepower/torque and lowest amperage draw in the industry, pulls more weight longer and faster in deep mud and water, and puts the least amount of drain on the battery.
Stronger Gears than all the rest.
A rugged, all-steel planetary gear set is strong enough for the largest loads and is standard in all Superwinch Terra winches. Terra gears are 2X as wide as the nearest competitor. These all-star gears provide more torque and longer life.
All Terra winches come standard with a steel drum specifically designed to withstand the rigors of synthetic rope (a Superwinch Exclusive) and are available with either galvanized wire rope with a 4-way roller fairlead or synthetic rope with a blue anodized aluminum hawse engraved with the Superwinch logo.


Service/Operating Manuals