LP 10000

LP 10000


Rated Line Pull: 10,000 lbs.
Motor: 5.1 HP, Series Wound
Gearing: 3-stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 235:1
Shipping Weight: 90 lbs.


Free-spooling, lever shift clutch
Mechanical, automatic load holding brake.
Wire rope 3/8" x 85'
Rubber 12' Hand-Held Remote
Two Year Limited Warranty


The LP10000 is MAP priced at $399.99 at participating retailers!
The LP 10000 provides reliable, powerful performance for intermediate level off-road and utility applications while introducing owners to the renowned advantages of the Superwinch brand.
This is the big brother to our very popular entry level LP8500; we added a stronger 5.1 HP weather sealed motor, bigger 3/8" wire rope and replaced the steel hawse with a heavy duty 4-way roller fairlead.
The brake in this winch is designed to engage at approximately 40% of the rated line pull for off-road self recovery applications. In most trailer applications, you're dealing with a rolling load rather than pulling a dead weight. It is often said that one can probably push your vehicle but most can't lift it. The LP Series winch drum will "coast" after lifting off of the toggle switch in a trailer application as compared to the S5000 trailer winch witch has literally no coast (instant stop). You should select those winch features that you find most beneficial and that allow you to load the trailer safely by yourself.


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