Spring Preload: 36.7 lbs.
Min. Extension Force at 100 PSI at Full Stroke = 125 lbs.
Min. Retract Force at 100 PSI at Full Stroke = 65 lbs.


Metering/Feathering Control
Simple 3 step installation - Saves valuable installation labor and cost.
No exposed moving parts - Allows years of service free operation.
Non-binding technology - provides the very best performance and function.
Compact size = weight savings


The APSCO DM series actuators are specifically designed air actuators used to control the opening and closing of a hydraulic valve or operating dump pumps. Metering Air Actuators provide a real, cost effective alternative to cable controls, which save labor and cost both at installation and by eliminating the service and maintenance issues associated with cable controls. APSCO offers the DM series with or without metering (proportional control).