for BRADEN PD12C w/ -02 drum and doghouse or RM12000

for BRADEN PD12C  w/ -02 drum and doghouse or RM12000
Rigmaster Guard Package


Stainless Steel Construction.
Stainless Steel Fasteners.
Angle of Departure: All of the RigMaster guard assemblies are designed to provide flexibility for your specific installation. If we know the angle the wire rope will come off the drum, we can provide the best guard coverage and pressure roller placement.
Guard Assembly with Integrated Hydraulic Valve: We can integrate a hydraulic control valve mounted directly next to the motor. This provides quick installation of a turn-key winch package. Just hook up to the rig or other hydraulic system and the winch is ready to work.


All stainless steel construction for long life in harsh environments.
Flexible design for different applications and wire rope departures.
No welding on, or modifying of, the original winch manufacturers design; avoiding any risk of nullifying the factory warranty or certification.
Economic design saves money and time.
Panels and parts can be easily replaced and are in stock.
In the field installations are not only possible, they're recommended.
Allow standardization throughout your entire fleet of winches.


RigMaster guard kits provide protection to keep hands, tools and debris away from the wire rope on the cable drum. Additionally, the RigMaster guard with integral tension roller assists proper wire rope spooling under light to heavy load conditions.
RigMaster products by Winches, Inc. are designed to simplify installation, improve day to day operation and/or enhance maintenance of your winch or hoist product.


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