Braden Winch History

Braden is one of the three incredible brands that comprise PACCAR Winch Division, accompanied by Carco and Gearmatic.

Braden winches were destined to be one of the highest quality, most durable brands in the world with its roots buried in the steel and oil industry boom in Tulsa, OK in the 1920s. 

Glenn T. Braden was one of the original front men of Oklahoma Natural Gas Company in 1906.  By the time he retired in 1921, ONG owned over 1,300 miles of lines and served over a half million customers in Oklahoma.  With his connections in oil and gas, and with the boom in the industry, he would find huge success in 1924 with the foundation of Braden Steel Corporation, supplying equipment for the oil fields.  Innovation and design to improve and excel production in the oil and gas industry would lead him to the introduction of the first Braden truck mounted winch in 1927.  It was designed for unloading and positioning loads in the oil fields, furthering his progress in the industry.

Glenn Braden was a highly motivated business man, whose ideas and contributions promoted the early foundations of our own Oklahoma Natural Gas Company, Braden Steel, and even the locally famed “White City” neighborhood, which was ranch land acquired by him and later sold into housing lots, and named for the white silos and buildings that were on his farm.

Braden passed away in 1930 and his estate, including Braden Steel, was entrusted to Colonial Trust.  Three years later, Mr. TJ Schuetz, with a capitol of $1,100, entered into an agreement with Colonial Trust to form Braden Winch Service Company.  Schuetz knew then the value of the design, efficiency and quality of Braden’s winch, creating a brand that would become famous.  In 1936, the company became known as Braden Winch, and history was made.

In 1946, Braden Winch made a huge contribution to the war effort, and the current facility in Broken Arrow, Ok was erected to facilitate Braden Winch’s rapid growth during and before World War II.

In 1983, PACCAR brought the three companies of Braden, Gearmatic and Carco together, creating one of the world’s most foremost authorities of winches, hoists, and drive systems in the world.