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Winches Inc. was proud to exhibit at the LAGCOE show in Louisiana in October!  


Keep It Clean:
The Importance of Routine Winch Maintenance

Your winch needs your attention regularly to ensure optimum and safe operation.  Routine maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your winch and will eliminate the dangers involved in the use of a winch in need of repair.  The life of the winch will also be prolonged with proper care.


RigMaster Wireless Remote Control – for All WARN Industrial Series Winches

Working with industrial winches can be very dangerous.  Allowing some distance between a person and a winch can provide the security needed to keep the user safe from harm and make the workload more efficient.

RigMaster products are designed by Winches Inc, offering solutions to meet the market need;  adding value, efficiency and enhancement to the quality winches we sell. 


Safety First - Basic Winch Operation

Every winching situation is different, but the basics of safety in these operations are consistent in every job.  Working with winches can be very dangerous, and applying the following rules could save your life or limb.  These rules are not all inclusive, and cannot substitute for common sense when using a winch.


The Wrap on Wire Rope Spooling

As winching has evolved and improvements made, the industry gets stronger and is able to meet more challenges.  However, something as simple as improper rope spooling can shut down a job. Here you will find the facts you need to keep your winch rolling.


Understanding and Choosing a Hydraulic System Design

Proper selection and installation of all hydraulic components in your winch system will ensure that your winch components perform as they should and are free of constant maintenance problems. Understanding basic function, design and components can help confirm proper selection and optimum usage for any hydraulic winch application.


Winterize Your Winch: Tips for Cold Weather Readiness

Cooler weather will be headed our way soon, and like a car, or anything that uses fluid mechanically, a winch needs to be winterized to ensure optimum performance during cold weather months.


Ruling the Rig:  The Best Oilfield Planetary Recovery Winches

Oilfield planetary recovery winches are designed to withstand the toughest applications.  Common features include:

  • Highly efficient planetary gearing
  • Two-speed hydraulic motor with shift-on-the-fly capability
  • Single, externally mounted airshift clutch cylinder
  • Internal spring-applied, hydraulically released multiple disk brake
  • Air applied drum brake