Tulsa Winch History

Tulsa Winch Group, now TWG, engineers and manufactures high-quality, industry-specific winches, hoists, gear drives and monitoring electronics for energy, infrastructure and recovery markets worldwide.

It all began with Tulsa Winch, Inc., originally founded in 1929. The company was created by a truck salvage operator, named Harley Pray, who utilized the gear sets from the rear axles of Model T trucks for his original winch design.  As Tulsa was in the midst of an oil boom, the industrialism in the area provided a sound foundation for Tulsa Winch to become great.

TWI was privately owned from 1929-1947.  In 1947, Sperry/ Vicker bought out the company and continued to grow in excellence until 1986, when it was sold again to a private owner.

In 1996, the owners of TWI sought to expand their company further, realizing the potential for global commercialization.  They sought out Dover Enterprises, knowing that the financial support would support their planned growth opportunities, but also keep the company intact with its employees and character.  TWI officially became a part of Dover Resources in December 1996.

TWI quickly outgrew its leased facility, and Dover approved construction of an expansion into a new 82,000 square foot plant in Jenks, OK, in 1997.  In 2000, Dover started acquiring the top industry brands of DP Winch, Gear Products, Greer, LANTEC, Pullmaster, and Tulsa Winch, to become known as Tulsa Winch Group, and made these top companies into the quality brands we know today.

Tulsa Winch is still a strong brand on its own, producing the highest quality planetary and worm gear winches and swing drives for large oilfield trucks, heavy haul tractor packages, digger derricks, cranes and aerial work platforms.   They believe that their true strength relies in its staff of highly qualified and productive employees, who are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of customer service and quality product.