Warn Winch History

For over 67 years, WARN Industries has been delivering top of the line winches and accessories, and has established themselves as one of the most recognized brands in the industry.  They are well known for their innovative designs and durability, and have won many awards over the years from around the globe for their quality.

In the 1930s, Arthur and Sadie Warn started a small automobile dealership in Southpark, Washington. Between Arthur’s genius for invention and Sadie’s marketing skills, their success led them to founding Warn Industries in 1948, based on the brilliant idea of converting thousands of World War II Jeeps into useful, on road-vehicles. They quickly rose to the top of the automobile industry.  In 1959, Warn Industries introduced their first recreational winch, which swiftly became the leading brand for off-road racers, avid four wheelers, weekend adventurers, and hard -working ranchers.

Years of engineering excellence would shape and form the company until the 1990s, when Warn Industries created the ATV/UTV winch market.  The company stayed in family hands until 2000, until Arthur and Sadie’s grandson, Michael Warn, sold the company to Endeavor Capital & Northwest Equity.  Warn Industries was later acquired by Dover Corporation in October 2003, taking the company global.

Continuing on the path of innovative progress, several products were introduced to the market in 2005 and 2006, including the PowerPlant compressor winch and the PullzAll.

In 2008, Warn celebrated its 60th anniversary with the release of the XL product line, for use on trailers and in the tow/recovery market, with hydraulic winches capable of 20-30,000 lbs. of pull.  Additionally, they introduced the fan cooled electric winch for recreational users.

In 2007, Warn developed the 18,000 lbs. winch for the tow/recovery, severe duty markets and was designated to fulfill the need of all vehicle self-recovery winches for the US Military’s MRAP program.  With a proven commitment to the US Military, Warn provided winches to the M-ATV program in 2009 and for the MRAP vehicles in 2010.

The revolutionary new Olympus winch was introduced in 2011, showcasing Warn’s revolutionary engineering capabilities. In the years that followed, the world would come to know extraordinary winch lines such as VR, Vantage, ProVantage and Zeon, all of which prove the enduring and highest quality products that Warn Industries produces. 

Warn Industries is now world renowned and will continue to lead the market in innovative and highest level product and service, relying on elite retail outlets like Winches Inc  to provide this quality line.