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Support & Expertise From A to Z

For Winches Inc, five-star technical support starts with knowledge.  We staff our operations with experienced and trained personnel.  Whether you have your 4×4 winch torn apart in your garage or are working on BRADEN’s largest planetary recovery winch, the HP160, Winches Inc has the expertise to assist.


On this page are many links to additional resources from general information on installing Chelsea PTOs, to more detailed information about troubleshooting problems with hydraulic systems or winch behaviors.  If you don’t find your answers here or want to talk more in detail, please call us.

Rebuild & Repair Services

Our complete teardown and rebuild services can give your winch a new life. Whether you have an old workhorse that just needs some TLC or you've put your winch through the wringer and it's in need of serious repair, our team can help.

Pull Testing Services

Our comprehensive pull testing services for winches include a full analysis of your device to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Our facilities in Broken Arrow, OK and Houston, TX are equipped to provide dynamic load testing and static load testing.

Find Your Serial Number

Finding your winch's serial number can be essential when it comes to finding replacement parts or contacting customer service. Depending on the model of your winch, the serial number may be located in different places.

Documents & Manuals

Documents & manuals provide critical manufacturer information about Winches, including safety instructions, operating procedures, and troubleshooting tips.

Wire Rope Spooling Issues

Improper rope spooling can shut down a job, cause property damage or personal injury, and ruin equipment. Winches are one of the most common pieces of equipment to use wire rope, and understanding how to spool wire rope onto a winch correctly is critical.

Questions? Contact Us

We are eager to help find the right winch for you, help troubleshoot any issues and answer any questions. Winches are our specialty and we are passionate about helping our customers succeed.