Braden Winch Serial Number

Braden Winch Serial Number

Braden Winch has manufactured winches since the 1920s.  In all their years and after millions of winches, they still steel-stamp the serial number into a housing or side plate on the winch.  It might not always be easy to find, but it is there.


In every case with a Braden Winch, the first 2 digits of their 7-digit winch serial number are the year the winch was manufactured.  Below are examples of where the serial number can be found on various models.  It would be simple if the serial numbers were always stamped in the same location, but that is not the case.


Whether you have a Braden winch model MS50, CH210, PD12C, or LGU2, the serial number is the vital piece of information needed to ensure the correct parts are identified and the correct winch specifications are met.

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