Chelsea 852 Series

8-Bolt Heavy Duty



The Chelsea 852 P.T.O. is another example of why Chelsea P.T.O. technology is the best in the business. This 8-Bolt Powershift is the workhorse of the Chelsea P.T.O. line. It features a cast iron housing and heavy-duty ball bearings on the output shaft, along with the large clutch pack to provide you with a torque rating of up to 500 Lbs. ft. and long service life in heavy-duty applications. Three output options, three internal speed ratios, and three shift options make this one versatile P.T.O. Take advantage of over 65 years of Chelsea P.T.O. technology to increase performance and lower costs.



Designed for heavy-duty applications.

Three-speed ratios to choose from.

Pump flanges to fit the most popular hydraulic pumps.



Pressure lubrication standard.

Intermittent Torque Rating of 500 Lbs. ft.

Two-Year Warranty.

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