RigMaster 60 GPM Super Cooler


Flow Rate: 60 GPM

Max Pressure: 3,000 PSI

Reservoir: 7 gallons

Weight: 55 lbs.



The 60 cooler has a Hydraulically driven fan motor for heat removal

The 60 cooler comes with a thicker core for greater heat removal.

The 60 features a bowless style 10-micron element for optimum filtration

Two suction ports allow for the opportunity for a double pump to be plumbed to the reservoir.

Aluminum Design gives the 60 more heat dissipation and a lighter weight reservoir.

Flow Control for hydraulic fans allows the fan to run at peak operation.



The DSC 60 Super Cooler is a compact, lightweight, highly efficient hydraulic cooling system for the operation of higher horsepower and higher flow mobile hydraulic drive systems.

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