The Crosby Group Crosby Connecting Link

S-247 Double Clevis Link – 1/2″ Chain Size



Item Number: 1013085

Chain Size (in.): 1/2

Working Load Limit (lbs.): 9200

Weight (lbs.): 1.56


All pins Alloy Steel- quenched and tempered.

Body is forged and heat treated carbon steel.

Designed for linking all popular sizes of Crosby Spectrum 3 and Spectrum 4 chain to rings, end links, eye hooks, pad eyes, tractor eye bolts, etc.

Features quick and easy assembly.


The majority of the steel purchased by Crosby is isolated from production until approved by our metallurgical lab. Each product is individually PIC-Coded (Product Identification Code) to allow traceability to its respective date of production and material certification.

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