The Crosby Group Crosby Grade 100 Clevis Sling Hook

A-1339 5700 lbs. Working Load Limit



Chain Size (in.): 5/16

Working Load Limit (lbs.): 5700

Weight Each (lbs.): 1.57


Forged -quenched and tempered.

Swivel hooks are load rated.

Forged alloy steel – quenched and tempered.

Individually proof tested to 2 1/2 times the working load limit with certification.

Each hook has a product identification code (PIC) for material traceability.

Hoist hooks incorporate two types of strategically placed markings forged into the product which address two (2) QUIC-CHECK features: deformation indicators and angle indicators.

Low profile hook tip.

New integrated latch (S-4320/S-4339> meets the world standard for lifting.

Heavy duty stamped latch interlocks with the hook tip.

High cycle, long life spring.

When secured with the proper cotter pin through the hole in the tip of hook, meets the intent of OSHA rule 1926.1431 (g) and 1926.1501 (g) for personnel lifting.

Suitable for use with Grade 100 and Grade 80 chain.

Fatigue rated at 1 1/2 times the working load limit at 20,000 cycles.


Crosby’s ability to meet ISO 9001 makes it clear that the Crosby Group can be depended on to provide the needed product at required performance levels.

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