Tulsa Winch RN80P

80,000 lbs. First Layer Line Pull



Pulling Capacity: 80,000 lbs/36,288 kg

Weight: 1,670 lbs/758 kg



Intelliguard “Capacity Alert System.” Easy-to-read light indicator alerts operators to safe and unsafe conditions, enabling them to make better, safer operation decisions.

Two-speed hydraulic motor with shift-on-the-fly capability.

Spring-applied hydraulically released multiple disk wet brake with hydraulic brake valve.

Air-operated band brake.

Universal mounting base.

Drum engagement indicator switch.



Captures critical data on winch overload activity, including the date and time of the event. Allows fleet and safety managers to properly size winches for specific applications.

Optimal flexibility in selecting line speed and pull to match load conditions.

Provides superior load control and smooth operation to ensure long brake life.

Helps prevent bird-nesting of cable during free spool operation.

Easy installation; versatile rigging options.

Ensures positive clutch engagement.



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