1,500lb Pulling Capacity Portable Winch



Part Number: 86380
1,500 lbs of pulling capacity
25 feet of durable, high-strength wire rope
Include hand-held corded remote, integrated electrical controls
10-gauge battery lead with quick-connector, and rigging strap



Lightweight, portable winch is designed for vehicle self-recovery or utility pulling chores.
Kit includes everything needed to winch from any battery-equipped vehicle (load strap or tree trunk protector is sold separately)
Rigging system allows connection of winch to any vehicle or stable structure.
No application specific mounting hardware is needed.
Patented disc brake for reliable stopping power.
Sealed motor provides protection from extreme weather conditions.
Clutch control provides rope free-spool capability.
Limited Lifetime Warranty (North America only)



Versatile tool for utility work.
Easy to transfer between vehicles.
Use with any 12V battery-equipped vehicle.


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